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Growing together

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What we do


Crop growing

Norbilc Agri leases 4500 hectares of prime agricultural land. 3000 ha is currently in combinable crop production comprising soybean, sunflower, maize, wheat and buckwheat. As part of the Company's "go green" drive, since 2020 the farm has seen the introduction of industrial hemp to the rotation and the implementation of cover cropping to improve soil fertility and promote biodiversity across the farm.


Contracting services

Norbilc Agri provides a full range of agricultural services ranging from planting and logistics to harvesting with  everything in between. The Company uses the latest Case IH, MacDon and Vaderstad machinery with a focus on quality and efficiency at competitive rates. All machines in the fleet are equipped with GPS trackers and electronic diesel metering systems providing real time remote  monitoring and control for our clients.


Vegetable production

As part of Norbilc's diversification plans a pilot vegetable operation has been recently added to its operation. The project has seen the introduction of onions, carrots and beetroot for the Ukrainian and European supermarket sector. The Company grows, harvests, stores, grades and packs ready for supermarket shelves. The farm is ideally placed to quickly access land borders to the EU and reach Lviv - a major distribution hub for Western Ukraine thus facilitating fresh, best in class produce with minimal food miles.




Accounts and Adminstration:

Head office - Lviv: (+38) 067 676 0787

Land Department:

Regional office - Starry Sambir: (+38) 098 747 9062

Head Office - Lviv

Office 22/23

Building 10

Heroiv UPA Street 73


Ukraine 79018

Regional Office - Starry Sambir

This office is temporarily closed

Contact Us

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To apply for a job with Norbilc Agri, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:

(+38) 067 676 0787




Norbilc Agri LLC was incorporated in 2013. It is wholly owned by the Clibborn Family which has deep roots in both Ireland and Ukraine. From modest beginnings Norbilc has grown to a 4500ha business within 5 years. We value our most important partners: our 2500+ landowners, all members of the local community who have entrusted their land to us to farm in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner to the highest standards. As members of the community ourselves - it is in our ethos to pass on the land to the next generation in a better  condition than we received it - that is why Norbilc has tirelessly reclaimed and revitalized every hectare of land that has been brought back into production.


The landbank is located at the foothills of the Carpathian mountains in the Starry Sambir Region of Lviv Oblast, Western Ukraine - an area that boasts scenic rolling hills and plentiful rainfall. The land is positioned directly beside the Polish border making it ideally placed for high value exports to the European Union and also just 90km from Lviv - a rapidly developing city with excellent road, rail and air connections making it the go-to distribution hub between Europe and Ukraine. Currently 3000ha are farmed conventionally with the balance in organic conversion or awaiting reclamation.

The Future

From the beginning the Norbilc team has set ambitious goals. A target of 5000ha and vertical integration are the top priorities in order to add value to the produce from the field. The Company is also looking to reduce carbon emissions and promote biodiversity by phasing in cover cropping strategies and pursuing organic standards on specially designated fields. Crop drying, handling and storage facilities will be Norbilc's principal area of capital investment over the next 3 years which will allow the Company to become more self sufficient and also facilitate the handling of third party produce.


Corporate Social & Environmental Responsibilities

As part of the community Norbilc takes great pride in financing special community projects that positively impact the lives of our fellow community members. Our main focus is on sporting, educational and rural infrastructural projects. To date we have provided over 1.5 mln UAH to worthy causes in the areas where we farm.

Growing together - We believe that our success should benefit our local community. That is why all rent and applicable taxes stay right where our crops are grown - thus benefiting our most important partners - our 2500 + landowners. To date c. 40 mln UAH has been injected by Norbilc into the local economy through this practise.

Farming is in our blood and has been for generations - that is why we are commited to passing the land onto the next generation in a better condition than when we recieved it. To do this Norbilc continues to adapt and refine farming methods to further improve soil fertility and promote biodiversity.

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